Santa Event

The Invitation to Santa's Village was supposed to be given for free to all players - however, a Cursed Santa has appeared and corrupted Santa's poor Goblins. Now, you must kill Cursed Santa and the Cursed Goblins to obtain the special Invitations! Curse you, Kundun!

Where to find Cursed Santa and the Cursed Goblins

Cursed Santa and the Cursed Goblins will appear at random coordinates in three maps at a time (Lorencia, Noria and Devias).

Daily gifts

After entering Santa's Village, users may obtain a random item by clicking
the Santa Claus NPC. 

Aside from the free daily gift, users may click the various NPCs in Santa's Village to receive special buffs:
  • Santa Strengthener - Attack Power +30 (30mins)
  • Santa Defense - Defense +100 (30mins)
  • Santa Healing - Maximum life increase +500 (30mins)
  • Santa Protection - Maximum Mana increase +500 (30mins)
  • Santa Quickness - Attack Speed +15 (30mins)
  • Santa Fortune - AG recover speed increase +10 (30mins)